Untitled Poem

Katherine M., journalist with art by Lyla C.

At first glance, I am beautiful, flawless, undisturbed,
But if you take a closer look, the truth is far, far worse.
The Earth is slowly dying, but this world is my home.
My species is endangered, and I fear I’ll be alone.

And why has this all happened? Why was it not stopped?
Ask yourselves, your ancestors, why our numbers dropped.
Yes, sure, I can breathe in water, but I don’t have a choice.
The selfishness of humankind silences my voice. 

The air is quite polluted, and the ocean too. 
Look at the damage you’ve caused. This is because of you.
I am not the vengeful type, but you bring out this side.
And nothing can stop this suffocation, even if you took a stride.

There’s no more now or never, because now it’s too late.
The flowers are dying underneath, so yes, today is for hate.
Keep this picture as a symbol for generations to come.
Don’t destroy what’s given to you, or Earth’s inhabitants will go numb.

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