The GW Chronicle is entirely student-led, with everyone from our team of editors to our newest journalists contributing articles to the paper.

Please note that this page is being updated and does not list the full staff for the 2020-2021 school year.


Alexandra Saffa


Alexandra Saffa, a senior at the George Washington University Online High School, is one of the editors-in-chief of the GW Chronicle Newspaper. Alexandra is also a journalist for the K12 International Academy’s newspaper, The iGlobe.

Within GWUOHS, Alexandra founded one of the first online competitive debate teams, GW Debate, and holds the position of president. Aside from her academic interests, Alexandra has been a competitive figure skater for nine years. She is a South Atlantic Regional finalist. During her years as a journalist, Alexandra has interviewed members of congress, senators, and state officials. Through her writing, she strives to make a positive difference in the world.

Safiye S.


Hey, everyone! I’m a freshman here at GWUOHS, and this is my second year writing for the yawp. Some of my interests include psychology, behavioral neuroscience, astrology, and political science, and my hobbies include snowboarding, photography, writing, skateboarding, and baking. My interests and hobbies have a significant impact on my writing, and I love sharing everything I know with the world. I love stationery, bullet journals, and notebooks, and I’ve always been that girl that carries three pencil cases full of colored markers and pens everywhere she goes. I grew up in a multicultural environment, and I speak four languages fluently.  I also love traveling, and I’ve been to over twenty countries in my short time here on earth. I’ve been attending creative writing and debate competitions throughout my life as a student, and it is something I thoroughly enjoy. Since my name seems to confuse a lot of people, my friends and family call me Sophia, although some of my friends like to call me Phia. I’m excited to be working with so many talented people, and I’m excited to start my journey as an editor.

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Lily McLean


Lily McLean is a junior at GWUOHS who is passionate about American politics, international relations, human rights, and journalism. She has now worked on the GW Chronicle for two years as an editor and reporter. She also manages the Global News and Opinion Departments.

In addition to focusing on the paper, Lily founded and is president of the GWUOHS Amnesty International Club and currently serves as the Student Body President for the Student Council. She works part-time at a bookstore in San Francisco but spends much of her time on her mother’s farm in Sonoma County.

One of her journalistic inspirations in Nicholas Kristof.

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Department Editors

Emma D.

Arts Co-Editor

Hello, GW Chronicle readers! My name is Emma, and this is my fifth year with the George Washington University Online High School and my second year working for the school’s newspaper. I currently report from Springfield, New Jersey, but I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the United States. My greatest passions lie in the theatre arts and the craft of journalism. Whether I am speaking, writing, or singing, I feel most fulfilled when I tell stories about life. My favorite musical is Newsies, which is based on the New York Newsboys’ strike of 1899. Soft news is my favorite kind to chronicle, and I especially enjoy writing feature articles, profiles, and reviews. I also happen to be a marine biology enthusiast. If I am not acting, singing, or writing, you can find me reading, exploring the outdoors, or listening to music. Next year, I will be heading off to college to study communications.

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Nastia Goddard

Arts Co-Editor

Nastia Goddard is currently a junior at GWUOHS, and she is overjoyed to be the Chronicle’s Co-Editor for the Arts Department this year! Nastia loves all things artistic, and she is very excited to bring her passions to readers. She lives in Newport, Rhode Island, with her parents, younger sister, two dogs, and two cats. 

Outside of school, Nastia devotes herself to different artistic crafts. She has been acting since the age of five and hopes to carry on with her dreams of performing on professional stages in the future! She is the proud recipient of an International Thespy Award for her monologue performances in 2019, as well as a former member of Kirkland, Washington’s award-winning teenage improv troupe. To complement her dramatic arts, Nastia also loves dancing and singing. From Shakespeare to Sondheim, she constantly tries to expand her horizons through all performance genres. Nastia thrives in comedic roles and enjoys bringing laughter to her audience members. For this reason, she hopes to attend the intensive French conservatory, Lecoq, to study clowning after high school. 

Nastia is also an avid reader and writer. She enjoys reading and discussing classic literary works with her father and often attempts to create her own magical scripts she may one day bring to life on stage. In addition to writing for the Chronicle, Nastia has had her work published in a local magazine. 

Nastia is a strong believer in the power of the arts to change our world and believes that informing citizens about cultures and different artistic ventures is essential to the integrity of democracy. She is excited to illuminate the beauty of this world through future articles.

Julian-Alexandre W.

Global News Co-Editor

Julian-Alexandre is a dynamic and comical tween, truly an old soul beyond his years. He is a native New Yorker and a curious WorldSchooler! He loves art, history, poetry, and Greek Mythology. His passion lies in theater and drama. Being a Triple Threat (Singing, Dancing, Acting) has always nurtured and invoked a bold voice to express his inner thoughts and emotions. In 2018, Julian-Alexandre achieved recognition as a State Finalist for his essay submitted to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., in a national writing contest called Letters About Literature, Level 1. Despite a busy schedule with academics, he manages to compete in national chess tournaments, participates in USTA tennis tournaments, trains in TaeKwonDo (presently a First Degree Black Belt). Julian-Alexandre is a Level 7 skier, and calls NorthStar in California and Beaver Creek in Colorado his alternate homes. His love of playing multiple instruments, including the piano, the guitar, the drums, the Japanese Taiko drums has helped him create differently and stay flexible mentally. (His first instrument at age 2 – Suzuki Cello). Some of the earlier lessons consists of grueling exercises – sitting upright with pennies on both feet… for 30 minutes straight! Discipline and persistence… Three years ago, Julian-Alexandre has discovered a deep interest in the political arena and the U.S. legal court system. He credits his tiger parents for always advocating early reading and writing (including womb studies), discussing world issues/ problems, and encouraging diversity and open-mindedness.

Nyma Ehtesham

Global News Co-Editor

Hey everyone! My name is Nyma and I am a global news editor. It is my second year at the chronicle and I enjoy writing about global news and science. I am a big animal person; I spend my time volunteering at the Nashville Zoo and I have a dog and a cat. I am also involved in activism and am on the leadership team of the GWUOHS Amnesty International Club. I really enjoy working with others as well!

Croix Ellison

Science Department Co-Editor

Croix is a sophomore at GWUOHS, and a first year member of the GW Chronicle staff serving as Science Department Co-Editor. She is also, a Research Intern for the Council of State Governments Eastern Regional Conference Council on Communities of Color where she helps state legislators explore important public policy issues. In addition, she is a Research Fellow for theBEnote and has written several published briefs on issues ranging from climate change to food insecurity. In addition, her work has appeared in, an environmental justice journalism initiative based in Philadelphia.

She previously interned for WURD radio (Philadelphia) and the Greater Washington Urban League (Washington, D.C.). 

Raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Croix is an advanced classical pianist who also studies opera at the Peabody Pre-Conservatory of Music (John Hopkins University). She regularly participates in vocal competitions, master classes and seasonal vocal academies. She has performed piano and voice at a number of major public events in Washington, D.C., suburban Maryland and Baltimore, and she is proficient in jazz piano. Croix is also a second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and teaches children and adults as they pursue their dreams in martial arts. 

Croix has many passions for a wide array of issues: the environment, the future of climate crisis, politics, law, and how these issues impact communities of color. Croix enjoys all types of music, creative writing, and loves to read science fiction and watch anime in her free time!

Jillian Haskin

Science Department Co-Editor

Jillian Haskin is a sophomore at GWUOHS. She is from the Louisiana region. Writing has been her passion since 6th grade and as a first year editor; she is so excited about the opportunity to engage with peers in collaborative, editorial projects.

Her main interests include microbiology, poetry, soccer, and reading. She began writing poetry in sixth grade and her first poem was published in seventh grade to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Jillian is very competitive, as she has been a consistent member of over seven sports. Her favorite subject is English which stemmed to her passion for English tutoring beginning in sixth grade. When she is not doing academic work she devotes herself to her seven clubs or taking explorations through Barnes and Noble. Jill immensely enjoys spending time outside, observing the wildlife in the lake in her backyard and making closed ecosystems. As an only child, she spends most of her time with her two dogs and her guinea pig, or gardening with her grandparents.

Outside of school, Jill is an active participant of her state’s young women’s service group, which takes up most of her weekends. As a soccer player for three years, she still enjoys going to soccer games with her friends on Friday nights. While at home, she enjoys baking, sewing, and reading literature. Old English classics and legal thrillers are some of her favorite genres at the moment. She also enjoys movies, particularly stop motion, making Coraline her running favorite for four years now.

Giuliana Carmen

US News Co-Editor

Giuliana Carmen is a vivacious sixteen-year-old junior at GWUOHS. Raised in Washington D.C. as a long-time patron of the arts, Giuliana trained as a pre-professional ballet dancer for 13 years, she was given many opportunities to train with prestigious schools across the country prior to her recent retirement. Giuliana has an affinity for drama, theater, film, and fashion and has taken numerous courses in fashion, including some at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Moreover, she enjoys music, being trained in the violin, cello, piano, and acoustic guitar. In addition to this, she is very politically involved and passionate about human rights, climate change, and corporate accountability. In her spare time, she enjoys reading political theory, painting, writing, and watching a wide variety of films (especially international). Giuliana is also an avid traveler, thoroughly enjoying her summer excursions in Europe. She intends to continue pursuing her love of writing and earn a degree in journalism and political science. 

Cleo Cummins

US News Co-Editor

I’m Cleo Cummins, I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico but right now I’m traveling around with my family, as of Thanksgiving week we are in Rhode Island. I have two dogs, a cat, and a 12 year old brother. I was born in Palo Alto, California. I enjoy baking, running, making music and of course writing. Short stories and poems are my favorite.

Danielle Chan

Newsletter Co-Editor

Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m a freshman at GWUOHS. This is my first year as a newsletter editor and as a part of the Chronicle’s amazing staff. I’m from Hong Kong, but have also lived in Canada and Taiwan, the latter of which I’m currently residing in. I’ve always loved to read books of all genres, particularly fiction, and have written a number of pieces including several novels, short stories, and poems. Some of my interests include law, psychology, and business. I love traveling, studying history and Greek mythology, baking, and playing the piano. I passed the final ABRSM piano exam at the age of 12, receiving the highest score in all of Taipei. I love helping the community by volunteering to perform at hospitals, children’s homes, and senior homes!

Writing, as one of my greatest passions, has become a focal point in my life where I hope to make a positive difference through the showcasing of my work. I am super excited to begin the semester by working with other skilled writers to make a difference!


Kyla W.


Hello everyone, my name is Kyla Woods, and I am currently a junior at K12 International Academy. This is my first year writing with GWUOHS, which makes me overly ecstatic to work with other skilled writers. I look forward to reading everyone’s articles as well as hearing the differing opinion regarding our current events.

In addition to writing for the YAWP, I am also a staff writer for the K12 International Academy IGlobe newspaper. I believe in taking any opportunities which may present themselves to better my education. As a committed writer, I continuously traverse through different news articles in an attempt to gain improved understandings of events. Writing has become a focal point in my life as it allows me to better express my feelings or opinions on a topic I feel strongly of.

Ella Mordarski


Hello Everyone! My name Ella Mordarski and I am a junior at George Washington University Online High School. I recently moved to North Grafton, Massachusetts but was born and raised in Rhode Island. This is my first year at the GW Chronicle and I am very excited to be contributing to something so amazing! I enjoy writing about science, social issues and entertainment. I hope to go into the medical field one day and study women’s reproductive health. In addition to writing for the GW Chronicle I am also part of the GWUOHS Medical team and am a eleventh grade class representative. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, hiking, shopping, reading and needlepointing. 

Maya Tuckerman


Maya Tuckman is a freshman and first-time student at GWUOHS. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Besides journalism, she also is interested in creative writing, drawing, painting, digital art, tennis, and psychology. She recently had a piece published in “Young People of the Pandemic,” an anthology of works written by teen writers during the COVID lockdown. In 2019, Maya also showcased her art for the first time in a gallery in Florida. She is interested in expanding her experience of journalism through her contributions to the Yawp.  

Paige P.


Hi! My name is Paige and I am a sophomore at GWUOHS this year. This is my first year at GW and I am ecstatic to be on the Chronicle of the Yawp staff to share my passion for writing! I am from Seattle, Washington and currently live in Iowa. Other than journalism, some of my favorite hobbies include reading, plant-based cooking, hiking, traveling, singing, acting, and thrifting. I am also involved in the Performing Arts Club and Photography Club at GW and look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings!

Valene McInerney


Hello everyone. My name is Valene McInerney, and this is my first year at GWUOHS. I live in the gray-gold sea of grass and lone trees that is Kansas and like splotches of paint and curious life, flickering constellations, and faraway worlds real, imaginary, and unknown. I’m an aspiring writer and naturalist, and I tend to get lost in my head, a good book, or comic. I most enjoy spending my time with my family. I’m also interested in foreign languages and social activism, and hope to learn all that I can about this world and do something good for it in the time that I have.