Creating a Color Palette: Tips For Aspiring Graphic Designers

Divya S., journalist

Not unlike any other accomplishment, the gratification of completing an aesthetically-pleasing graphical design follows only meticulous effort. 

Have you been asked to design a poster for an upcoming event? Or are you working to create a… calendar, only to become frustrated with every redundant color, disorienting hue, and irrelevant shade? Well, your key is to master these three bite-size techniques that make choosing a color palette successful yet not overwhelming. 

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New Year, New You! Back to School Tips from a Seasoned Scholar

Emma P., journalist

Spring, that time of year when the flowers begin to bloom, bee’s begin to buzz, and school restarts.

This spring, I’m finishing up my senior year, and over the past 16 years I’ve gathered quite a few tips and tricks to share that will make transitioning back into school a little easier for you.  

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Book Review of Marina and the Kraken (The Mythics #1) by Lauren Magaziner

Gabriel T., journalist

This book was so kindly sent to me by its author, Lauren, not long before she was the guest for the season finale of my book podcast “Try Reading.”

I have loved Lauren’s work for so long but it had been a while since I had read a book of hers. And let me just say, it was good to be back.
This is a wonderful middle-grade fantasy and knowing it’s shorter, it cuts to the chase right away and you are well-informed of the way the society works and how these five fantastic girls, Pippa, Hailey, Kit, Ember, and of course our main character, Marina, have to go on a quest to gain their mythical familiars.

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