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“Reflecting on 2020”
Addison Hazuda
Going into 2022, many people may be reflecting on these past years. What would you say if someone asked you about 2020 in sixty years? It was surely an unforgettable time, and no amount of decades can erase those memories, for better or for worse!

Credit: Addison Hazuda

Annakiya Artemiw
The legend goes that thousands of years ago, there was once a thing called color. Supposedly the witches and wizards decided humans got too powerful and removed it all from the world. Now Athena the human has found a map that may locate how to restore color and magic back to humans. To be continued…

Credit: Annakiya Artemiw

How Safe Are Sanitation Products?

Diane K., journalist

Since the start of the pandemic, sanitation products have provided a barrier against the coronavirus for countless people around the world. As in-person activities increase close contact with other people in different environments, sanitation products have become more of an essential part of everyone’s lives. Due to this necessity, some people may wonder: how safe are they?

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‘We Are a Microcosm’: One Town’s Struggle Represents a Much Greater Issue

Lily M., editor-in-chief

In the viral video, 10 high schoolers sitting together in a house gleefully chant a racial slur back and forth. Laughing, they record themselves before posting the video on Snapchat. The clip started to circulate immediately. The Carroll Independent School District School Board president promptly promised disciplinary action.

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Old School Fossil Fuel Economy Versus a New School Clean Energy Economy

Croix E., journalist

Policymakers must decide if it’s worth holding on any longer to an aging oil and gas industry that’s losing jobs and harming the environment or if they should go with fast-growing and safer clean energy future.

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The Pandemic Poses a Threat to Ending Child Marriage

Danielle C., journalist

Amid the spread of Covid-19, various unforeseen circumstances have come forward and presented themselves as much more profound matters than they seemed to be. The pandemic has led to a drastic increase in the number of child marriages around the world, and  its “damage to education and the economy could reverse decades of progress on child marriage and pregnancy,” pushing back all efforts that were previously taken to eradicate the practice of child marriage. 

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James Gunn’s the Suicide Squad Is an Exciting Masterpiece, Full of Heart… and Hearts.

Cole B., journalist

In the summer of 2018, James Gunn, director of the popular Guardians of the Galaxy films, was fired from Disney/Marvel after the offensive social media posts of his past resurfaced on the internet after 10+ years. Shortly after this, Gunn apologized for his insensitive, immature comments, and was hastily hired by Warner Bros. Pictures to direct any film he wanted. He created The Suicide Squad–one of the greatest comic book movies in recent years.

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Los Angeles Takes on the Climate Crisis

Sadie W., journalist

It is no secret that the city of Los Angeles is a hot place. Whether one is struggling to find an air conditioner for sale in the summer months or is wearing shorts in the middle of winter, it is something that every LA resident has experienced. An article by Los Angeles Almanac states, “by the end of the 1990s, average temperatures in Los Angeles had risen 3 degrees Fahrenheit above those of the 1940s.” This rise in temperature, mixed with decade-long droughts, has created a real problem for the city. As a result, climate change activists and politicians have been forced to try to resolve this concern in very creative ways.

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