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The official student newspaper of GWUOHS

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The official student newspaper of GWUOHS

GW Chronicle of the Yawp

The Beginning – Chapter 2

Dear Reader,

One of this story’s secrets has been disclosed.  However, there are many more mysteries to be uncovered.  Here at Unity Academy of Magic, secrets can stay hidden for a while…

“That went well,” said Artemis sarcastically.

“Especially that little fireball spell you did,” Orion said pointedly.

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“It’s alright,” he snapped, nursing a burn.  “No harm done at all.”

“Let me see.”  Kitty pulled Orion’s arm towards her and held her palm over the injury.  She began whispering ancient Magical words and Orion’s arm began to heal.

“That’s the best I can do for now,” Kitty told him, wiping her hands on her sleeve.  “I’m running low on Magic.”

“I can try to help,” Mariposa suggested.  She reached out and out of the dirt grew a spiky, long-leafed plant.

“Aloe vera,” Mariposa explained, cutting off a stalk and rubbing the gel on Orion’s arm.  “It’s very useful for minor burns.”

Diego tapped Kitty on the shoulder.  “Er, Kitty?”


“Could you, ya know…” Diego held out his right hand, where Troy’s claws had nicked him.

“Sorry; I’m running low on Magic.”

“Catch, Kit!”  Mariposa tossed a pomegranate to Kitty.

“Thanks!”  Kitty quickly crammed half of the ruby-red fruit’s seeds into her mouth and took Diego’s hand.

Sani vulus, sano venus, sana vunus,” Kitty chanted.  The cuts closed up and Diego flexed his hand.

“Thanks, Kitty.”

“You’re welcome.”

Mariposa heard the classroom door open behind her.  Troy sheepishly exited the chamber.

“What’d she say?” asked Onion.

“Just practice more.”

“Eh, could be worse.”

“I guess.”

“You owe me,” Diego told Troy, standing up.  “Big time.”

“Owe him for what?” asked Vincent.

“And hello to you,” Artemis greeted him sarcastically.

“Okay, hi, how are you.  Anyway, owe him for what?”

“I sort of lost control…” Troy explained uncomfortably.

“Sort of being an understatement,” Ben said dryly.

“Hardy, har, har,” Troy retorted.

“Cool it, you two,” Mariposa interrupted.  “We’ve got work to do.”

“We do?” asked Orion, puzzled.

“Um, yeah?!  Remember this?” Mariposa held up her textbook.  “Let’s go.”

The others groaned and headed off to the library.

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Lauren B.
Lauren B., Journalist
Lauren lives in southeast Georgia.  She is a freshman and is particularly interested in science, specifically medicine.  She has won multiple awards for her writing, including a regional National History Day award and first place for her school in the Young Georgia Author competition.  This is Lauren’s second year in the Chronicle.  In addition to writing for the newspaper, Lauren sings in the local show choir and participates in Girl Scouts.  In her free time, Lauren enjoys any art-related activities and reading, especially fantasy books.
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