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The UK has finally left the EU

Nyma E., journalist

On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union after being part of the bloc for 47 years. Brexit is a word that has been in many people’s vocabulary for the past three-and-a-half years; it is a portmanteau to the words British and exit, referring to the UK’s split from the EU. For some, Brexit is very favorable, but for others, Brexit is horrendous. 

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The crisis in Australia

Nyma E., journalist

The recent and ongoing bushfires in Australia have devastated many. There has been extensive damage to property, and the biodiversity of Australia is also being threatened. Many aspects of these bushfires are very different when compared to other recent wildfires. This makes them all the more unpredictable. 

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Plastics in the environment

Nyma E., journalist

We depend on plastics almost every day. What many people don’t know (or don’t like to think about), is plastic is extremely harmful to the environment. Plastics are toxic to the Earth; they harm organisms, entire ecosystems, and can even harm humans.  If we don’t take action now, who knows what the Earth will be like for future generations.

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