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Art During an Epidemic

Hank T., journalist


On March 12, 2020 every Broadway show currently running was shut down by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. This was a response to stop the spread of COVID-19. Initially, the theaters were only supposed to be shut down until April 12. However, this date has been extended to June 7, the day the Tony Awards were supposed to be broadcast. Although this response is completely appropriate and helpful in stopping the spread of Coronavirus, it is leaving many people in the entertainment industry in need of money and supplies. So, many people with industry jobs are turning to an organization called The Actors Fund.

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Should Football Be Completely Banned?

Hank T., journalist

A Brief History

The history of American football goes back to Ancient Greek times. Ancient Greeks played a game called Episkyros. Essentially, the game consisted of twelve to fourteen players trying to throw a ball over a scrimmage. Over time, the game morphed and eventually led to the development of the British game rugby, which ultimately led to American football. Football was then played at collegiate levels and later the National Football League was formed in 1920 in Canton, Ohio. Even then, it was an extremely dangerous sport that was destructive to many people. The 1894 Harvard-Yale Game resulted in crippling injuries for four individual players. In 1905, there were nineteen football-related fatalities. President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to shut down the game if the league did not make changes. 

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