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New Year, New You! Back to School Tips from a Seasoned Scholar


Emma P., journalist

Spring, that time of year when the flowers begin to bloom, bee’s begin to buzz, and school restarts.

This spring, I’m finishing up my senior year, and over the past 16 years I’ve gathered quite a few tips and tricks to share that will make transitioning back into school a little easier for you.  

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The New Age of Therapy has Four Legs: Therapy Dogs add Potential for Pups

Emma P., journalist

Therapy dogs are becoming more prevalent and acceptable, especially following the 18 or more months of isolation caused by the pandemic and the current uneasiness of the world.  People are in need of the consolation these dogs provide.

In an age in which anxiety prevails, relief in the form of affection is a plus. A study conducted by the Royal University Hospital in Canada this year, found that patients’ health improved after receiving pet therapy. “Clinically significant changes in pain as well as significant changes in anxiety, depression and well-being were observed in the therapy dog intervention group compared to control groups”. 

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A Documentary: Intrigue at its Finest

Emma P., journalist

Have you ever wondered about how the famous painting of the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris?  Have you ever wanted to know more about your favorite chef? How he – or she – got started in the industry or how to recreate one of the iconic recipes? Maybe you like sports and you want to know more about Deflategate. If you respond yes to any of these questions, we’re going to get along swimmingly since the answers to these questions, and so many more, can be found in documentaries, one of my favorite movie/TV genres.

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Why Must We Always Be Suffering? A History of Women’s Suffrage

Powerful, dedicated, and persistent are just some of the many adjectives that should be used to describe the diligent women who participated and led in the women’s suffrage movement from “1848 until 1920” (Pruitt). The women’s suffrage movement was an uphill battle that consisted of courage and remarkable acts of survival, along with a brilliant showcasing of perseverance and vigor. From the valiant women who fearlessly fought for what they believed in to the uphill battles they fought to keep going, this is the women’s suffrage movement. 

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