The Beginning – Chapter 3

Lauren B., journalist

Dear Reader,

At first glance, UAM seems like a nice, normal school, albeit one that practices Magic.  However, look under the surface and you’ll find something… a little more sinister. 

“Thank goodness that’s over,” Artemis muttered.

“Yeah,” agreed Hilda.  “That essay was torture.”

“What do y’all want to do now?” asked Mariposa.

“Let’s stop at the café,” replied Kitty.

“Great idea,” grinned Via.

The girls walked out the door to a drizzling afternoon.

“Rain.  Interesting,” Hilda noted.

“What’s so interesting about a little rain?” quizzed Arty.

“The weather forecast… never mind.”

The girls hurried through the campus and across the road.  They entered Sweets by Cecily and inhaled deeply.

“Ahhh,” sighed Hilda.  “Delicious.”

“My treat, girls,” Mariposa told her friends.  “Five chocolate chip cookies to-go, please.”

Eating their tasty treats, the girls hurried back to the dorms.  On their way, they saw Vince, Diego, and Troy playing soccer.

“How in the entire world are they playing in this weather?” demanded Artemis.

“I have less than no idea,” sighed Mariposa.

Just as they reached the door, the girls heard a loud scream.

“AUGH!!!” Troy howled before passing out.

The girls came running.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” shrieked Hilda.

“I don’t know!” answered Diego.  “It just came out of nowhere.”

“What came out of nowhere?” demanded Mariposa.

“Lightning.  It struck really close to Troy, and, well…” whispered Vince.

Hilda looked around for Orion.

“Where’s Orion?” she pressed.

“He said he was going inside for some water about five minutes ago,” replied Diego.

“We have to find him.”

“Why?” asked Artemis.  “It was just a freak accident.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“The forecast said there was going to be nothing but sunshine today.”

“Forecasts can be wrong,” Vince retorted.

“Yes, but I double-checked right before we got out of class.  The prediction was still for clear skies.”

Everyone looked up; the sky was closed up.

“So, you think Orion almost killed Troy,” said Diego doubtfully.

“I don’t know,” Hilda replied, then she turned and raced towards the building.

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