Art During an Epidemic

Hank T., journalist


On March 12, 2020 every Broadway show currently running was shut down by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. This was a response to stop the spread of COVID-19. Initially, the theaters were only supposed to be shut down until April 12. However, this date has been extended to June 7, the day the Tony Awards were supposed to be broadcast. Although this response is completely appropriate and helpful in stopping the spread of Coronavirus, it is leaving many people in the entertainment industry in need of money and supplies. So, many people with industry jobs are turning to an organization called The Actors Fund.

Stars In The House:

Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley are raising money to support The Actors Fund. Twice a day, they have been interviewing Broadway, TV, and Movie stars on their program, aptly titled “Stars In The House.” They have been raising money for people across the entertainment industry. Although the organization is called The Actor’s Fund, it donates money to people in need across the industry, such as actors, musicians, stage managers, designers, crew members, etc. Not only is this a fantastic fundraiser, but it is also bringing people hope and joy during a difficult time.

Broadway Jackbox:

Andrew Barth Feldman played “Evan Hansen” in the musical Dear Evan Hansen for a year. His run ended in January. Feldman is now raising money for The Actors Fund through a series he is calling “Broadway Jackbox.” What Feldman does is recruit other Broadway Stars to play on the online gaming network “Jackbox.” They proceed to play the video game and entertain viewers. It is hilarious and a great way to kill time while staying inside.


Throughout this difficult time, many citizens are looking to leaders for guidance. The answers that we deserve may not be out there. This is an extremely volatile situation that changes from day to day. So, the best thing that civilians can do is stay calm and try to stay positive. In a world filled with bad news, there needs to be a little cheer. Art is important all the time, and especially in a time like this. 

If you would like to donate to The Actors Fund visit their website.

Actors Fund: Home

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