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What’s Really Behind Singaporean Cuisine

Lily Maxcy, journalist

Coming from a family of mixed ethnicity, my mother born Singaporean, more specifically Peranakan, and my father an American, it has always been interesting attempting to dissect and decipher the foods of a vast culture I will never be fully able to understand. Spending periods of my life in Singapore really opened my eyes, even at a young age, to just how diverse and unique Singapore is, with Malaysian and Chinese influences taking a firm hold all throughout the region. Despite the entirety of the nation existing on a miniscule island, many cultures have flourished there for several decades. When reproduced in the United States, many restaurants such as ‘Hawker Center’ and ‘Mamak’ prospered. However, the real gems of Singaporean food and its deeply rooted traditions come from Hawker Culture and street food. Those who are lucky enough to experience Singaporean food culture firsthand know it is the true food capital of the world.

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