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Meet GWUOHS’ First Ever Co-Head of School

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

In a series of shocking events, from Ms. Giraldo’s pregnancy to yesterday’s unfathomable PZD crucifixion, the GW Chronicle has, yet again, uncovered deeper, behind-doors news. According to an undocumented, unofficial insider report from Stride Inc., GWUOHS has hired a Mr. Richard Mistretta as GWUOHS’ first ever Co-Head of School. And yes, this Mr. Mistretta is, in fact, the father of our Ms. Mistretta, GWUOHS’ now Co-Principal. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Mistretta, the GW Chronicle explores the new Mistretta authority:

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GWUOHS KIND Campaign Assembly

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

Just last month, on Feb. 23 , GWUOHS had its very first KIND Campaign Assembly–big kudos to the Women’s Empowerment Club for hosting this event to promote girl-on-girl bullying awareness. This movement has grown as very popular forms of bullying amongst females such as indirect bullying, have grown to account for nearly 18% of all cases of bullying. Moreover, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the new popularity in online schooling, and a general increase in online activity, cyberbullying has risen dramatically. In a 2021 national representative sample, 23.7% of females in a 2,546-person sample, between the ages of 13 and 17, faced some sort of cyberbullying to their respective gender category. The issue of girl-on-girl bullying is widespread and non-exclusive to our school environment. Here is my interview with Danielle Chan, from the Women’s Empowerment Club and the GW Chronicle, to give more
insight into the GWUOHS KIND Campaign Assembly!

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Microsoft’s Gamified Meta-Vision

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

Microsoft recently announced their 2022-2023 acquisition deal of the mogul video game company Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion. This will be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition yet, making it the third-largest company by revenue in the video game industry. In addition, this deal could majorly reverse the odds in the gaming console war between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. However, this acquisition holds an even greater purpose – the metaverse purpose.

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The Misconceptions of the Asian-American Community

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a multitude of heinous hate crimes against Asians. Counting just 15 major cities alone, there has been a 169% spike in anti-Asian crimes. Frankly, these recent attacks on Asian Americans are shocking as they are unprovoked, unimaginable, and un-American. Anti-Asian hate stems from misleading information about Asians and the COVID-19 pandemic. My community is being targeted because people think Asians are vulnerable and submissive; however, these untrue stereotypes… these malicious misconceptions have long existed and still carry a stigma in today’s society. 

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Political Polarization Should Not Define the American Identity

Julian-Alexandre W., Opinion Department Editor

“People are furious and frustrated, what will fix them, and what is the solution?” This was my query for three consecutive mornings as I laid in bed. I searched deep in my heart and soul, but nothing seemed to be the healing power.

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A Masquerade Of Inconsistencies Within The WHO

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

Recently, serious questions about the World Health Organization’s intentions have arisen. Camouflaged actions that remain to be uncovered ignited a feud between President Trump and Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). When pandemics infiltrate world populations, this specialized agency’s job is to defend, assist countries, and ultimately lead the global effort to extinguish the disease. Yet, the WHO appears to have misinformed countries about COVID-19 and, at the same time, contradict itself. Were there in-house biases that eroded the WHO’s aggressiveness in recognizing the makings of a pandemic?

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New Way Forward Act, Sensible but Senseless

Julian-Alexandre Wang, Journalist

This is an opinion article by one of our staff writers, and the opinions expressed here do not represent the views of the newspaper in general or of the leadership team.

On December 10 th , 2019, members of Congress introduced a bill, the New Way Forward Act. With an unconstitutional undertone, this bill has struck a malignance towards the American spirit. This exceeds the extremes of the Green New Deal by far, and the radicalism encroached within this bill envisions the future of our country as apprehensively dismal. Regardless of political sides or opinions, any American should firmly stand against this. The New Way Forward Act goes against American laws, American culture, and the American people. There should be no appropriation on what America has been built upon. From the great Revolutionary War of 1776 to modern society, history has explained that our democratic-republic country is a governmental system that should never be tampered with. It may not be perfect, nor will it ever be, yet that still should not result in dire transpositions. I believe in the American Constitution. I believe in our democracy and our republic, and the belief of a new country distorted astray from the intentions and visions of our Founding Fathers is too irrational.,

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Hong Kong’s disruptive anarchy

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

This is an opinion article by one of our staff writers, and the opinions expressed here do not represent the views of the newspaper in general or of the leadership team.

Since the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders Amendment Bill, outrage has spread among many Hong Kong civilians. This bill supports the enactment of extradition – anyone who commits a severe crime in Hong Kong will fall into the hands of mainland Chinese jurisdiction. Because of this newfound bill, a once civilized and law-abiding Hong Kong has become divided, belligerent, and angry. The cry for democracy and human rights have driven the youth to mass protests throughout Hong Kong island. These ongoing demonstrations have proven to be dangerous for both the protestors and the police. Angry crowds turn into mobs, taking their voices to a new level by overturning cars, burning garbage, smashing storefront windows, and littering bricks to blockade busy streets. In retaliation, the police are violent as well by carelessly dropping tear gas and utilizing pepper spray. The mad chaos often turns the police force’s fears into executing unintentional shootings of young demonstrators.

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Is socialism the answer to America’s problems?

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

This is an opinion article by one of our staff writers, and the opinions expressed here do not represent the views of the newspaper in general or of the leadership team.

During many recent Democratic Presidential debates, a common and quite popular theme on the stage has been about Socialism. In brief, Socialism is a governmental state where resources, production, and exchange are divided equally amongst the community as a whole. Now there have been grand plans from Democratic Presidential Candidates to convert America, a Democratic-Republic country, into a Socialist country. In my opinion, I firmly believe that we should all stick to the American Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution. While our governmental system is not perfect, it has evidently proven to be functional and successful.

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