“The Batman” Is the Perfect Portrayal of the World’s Greatest Detective

Cole B., journalist

Continuing their mission to focus on director-driven projects, Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves (director) produced “The Batman”: a dark, thrilling detective-noir film that is unlike any iteration of the Caped Crusader that has ever reached the silver screen. Batman (Robert Pattinson) must scour through the criminal underworld, following clues left by the Riddler (Paul Dano), a criminal who murders Gotham City’s elites in an effort to expose corruption. Aided by Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and the unpredictable Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz), Batman tries to unmask the truth before the Riddler unleashes terror and destruction on Gotham. 

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The Drastic Rise of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans

Danielle C., journalist

Anti-Asian hate crimes, racially motivated crimes that discriminately target not only those of Asian descent but their property as well, have become an urgent matter of discussion in the past two years. Also known as “Covid-related hate crimes,” throughout the past year, such crimes–ranging from verbal assault and harassment to physical violence–have increased a shocking 339%. This drastic surge has been seen in every city across the nation, characterizing a dramatic change that began to rise and become increasingly present rapidly around March 2020, when the pandemic became more serious.

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March is Endometriosis Awareness Week

Ella M., journalist

March may seem like any other month to many, but for millions of individuals worldwide, It’s a time to educate, advocate, and break the stigma surrounding endometriosis. March is endometriosis awareness month.  What is endometriosis? According to the Endometriosis Foundation of America, “Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the inner lining of the uterus, also known as the endometrium, is found outside its normal location, where the tissue should not be.” Right now, there is no known exact cause or cure for endometriosis.

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GWUOHS KIND Campaign Assembly

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

Just last month, on Feb. 23 , GWUOHS had its very first KIND Campaign Assembly–big kudos to the Women’s Empowerment Club for hosting this event to promote girl-on-girl bullying awareness. This movement has grown as very popular forms of bullying amongst females such as indirect bullying, have grown to account for nearly 18% of all cases of bullying. Moreover, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the new popularity in online schooling, and a general increase in online activity, cyberbullying has risen dramatically. In a 2021 national representative sample, 23.7% of females in a 2,546-person sample, between the ages of 13 and 17, faced some sort of cyberbullying to their respective gender category. The issue of girl-on-girl bullying is widespread and non-exclusive to our school environment. Here is my interview with Danielle Chan, from the Women’s Empowerment Club and the GW Chronicle, to give more
insight into the GWUOHS KIND Campaign Assembly!

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Prepping for the Spring Semester

How to Be More Organized and Study Effectively

Deya N., journalist and member of the Student Council’s Student Support Committee

We are this year’s Student Support Committee! We know that it’s easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed with online school and COVID, but it’s important to know you’re never alone. Our mission is to remind you that you don’t have to handle everything internally- that’s impossible! We want to hear what matters to you and offer regular articles about ways to manage and cope. No shame, no judgment, all love. (This is not counseling but rather researched peer advice.)

Welcome to GWUOHS’ first student support article! The majority of our first survey’s results concluded that students are currently most concerned about planning for the spring semester and figuring out how to study effectively. If this sounds like you, we hope you find comfort in knowing we’re in this together. Through some research, experience, and experimentation, we’ve narrowed down six important aspects to organizing and completing schoolwork effectively. Don’t feel afraid to experiment and find what works for you!

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What’s Really Behind Singaporean Cuisine

Lily Maxcy, journalist

Coming from a family of mixed ethnicity, my mother born Singaporean, more specifically Peranakan, and my father an American, it has always been interesting attempting to dissect and decipher the foods of a vast culture I will never be fully able to understand. Spending periods of my life in Singapore really opened my eyes, even at a young age, to just how diverse and unique Singapore is, with Malaysian and Chinese influences taking a firm hold all throughout the region. Despite the entirety of the nation existing on a miniscule island, many cultures have flourished there for several decades. When reproduced in the United States, many restaurants such as ‘Hawker Center’ and ‘Mamak’ prospered. However, the real gems of Singaporean food and its deeply rooted traditions come from Hawker Culture and street food. Those who are lucky enough to experience Singaporean food culture firsthand know it is the true food capital of the world.

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Why the Current U.S. Recycling Programs Are Inefficient

Diane K., journalist

According to a survey by the Carton Council of North America, 94% of Americans support recycling and 74% say that it should be a priority. Despite these findings, a 2015 fact sheet by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that the national recycling rate is only a mere 35%. Why is there such a discrepancy between the two statistics?

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