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New Study Suggests the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Spread Further than Originally Estimated

Ryan F., journalist

Thanks to modern technology, scientists think that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill may have spread its pollution further than what we originally thought. The original estimates were based off of satellite images taken of the oil spill off of the coast of Mexico. The spill itself was almost 800 million liters of oil. The satellite images were used to estimate where the oil had gone in order to find out which areas needed to be temporarily closed off to be cleaned. However, now, almost a decade later, scientists have run computer simulations that suggest the oil may have spread further than we originally thought.

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Upstate New York’s increasing Orthodox Jew population

Kyla W., journalist

South Fallsburg, Sullivan County, NY – With the winter season well underway, thousands of members belonging to the Orthodox Jewish community have already returned to their urban homes after migrating to
rural Sullivan County for the summer. Nevertheless, the amount of Hasidic civilians seeking permanent residence in the town of Fallsburg continues to increase steadfastly with each coming year, and in turn, has been a source of conflict with more secular members of the district.

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Donald Trump is impeached

Lily McLean, journalist and social director

WASHINGTON D.C.—On Wednesday, December 19, 2019, the House of Representatives impeached the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The vast majority of Democrats voted in favor of both articles of impeachment while all Republicans voted against them. The sole independent in the House, Justin Amash (who was a member of the Republican party until July of this year), also voted for impeachment. 

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Fires in California cause destruction

Lily McLean, journalist and social director

During the worst fires, the sky in California becomes tinted with gray. Smoke reflects the light of the sun differently, giving the world an eerily golden filter. Sometimes schools close when the air quality becomes dangerously poor. Students in the golden state have become more accustomed to smoke days than snow days.

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San Francisco’s housing crisis is a warning to the rest of the country

Lily McLean, journalist and social director

The issue of housing is often pushed to the side in discussions of the major issues facing the US today. But for the 78% of voting Californians who say that their state is facing a housing crisis, it is one of the most serious problems facing them. As the most populous state in the country, California’s crises affect huge numbers of people.

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Everything we know regarding Trump’s potential impeachment

Kyla W., journalist

As a generation that is keen on keeping up with news media, you have likely heard the reports regarding President Donald Trump’s formal impeachment inquiry by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The inquiry itself was made after a whistleblower accusation against Donald Trump surfaced and set in motion the following events. In relation to the upcoming 2020 United States presidential election, President Trump was found suspect to interfering with his political rival, Joe Biden’s campaign. Considering Trump’s ongoing relationship with the Ukranian government, here is everything we know regarding his potential impeachment.

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