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Julian-Alexandre W., Opinion Editor

As a fourth-generation American of Asian descent, I find it preposterous that I have to justify how American I am. With the insurgence of Asian hate crimes across the nation, which started with the pandemic to the atrocious shootings in Atlanta, the reported attacks are close to 3,000 incidents. As much as I don’t feel the flight, I am undeniably forced to hear the rhetoric of my people. As many in the Asian and AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community now live disrupted in fear, doubt, and anger, the stigma of being foreign is painfully real.

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Why Your Smoke Alarms May Not Go Off During a House Fire

Paige Putnam, journalist

Note: This topic is very important to me, as I recently experienced a significant house fire and our smoke alarms did not go off. 

Take a moment and think to yourself: when was the last time you checked the batteries of the smoke alarms in your home? Did you ever wonder if by some off chance they may not go off if your house was on fire, even with brand new batteries? Believe it or not, this does happen, and more often than you might think. There are actually two different types of smoke detectors, ionization detectors, and photoelectric detectors. Ionization smoke detectors detect particles of fast-paced open flame fires and photoelectric detectors detect smoke particles from fires that smolder for a long period of time before turning into open flames. Depending on where in a house a fire starts, how fast it spreads, and the type of fire it is, it could take up to hours to see or smell smoke. If smoke alarms do go off, individuals will often see or smell smoke before they hear the alarm. The type of fire alarm and its location in a house also affects the likelihood of whether it will go off or not.

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While a dog is only a part of your life, you are their entire world

Gryffin Penn, journalist

While a dog is only a part of your life, you are their entire world. Close to half of all American households have at least one dog in their family. Dogs are amazing, furry four-legged best friends to humans. They are loyal, highly intelligent, love unconditionally, and are extremely mindful creatures. 

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Ten Misconceptions About Parrots

AlieJean Brewer, editor

10. Parrots are generally clean animals

Parrots may seem like they are generally clean animals as most tend to live in a fairly small cage, aside from the larger macaws and cockatoos. This small living space however doesn’t prevent them from throwing seeds or destroying toys before you can say “Polly want a cracker?”. Many parrots tend to sift through their food and discard seed shells onto the floor causing the need for quite a bit of sweeping. Toys are often shredded in order to keep their beaks from overgrowing and cracking. This is important for the bird’s health due to an overgrown beak leading to an inability to eat. While you may have thought a once a week cage cleaning is all that was needed, you might want to break out your vacuum and trash bags if you are welcoming a new feathered friend into your home.

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