Political Polarization Should Not Define the American Identity

Julian-Alexandre W., Opinion Department Editor

“People are furious and frustrated, what will fix them, and what is the solution?” This was my query for three consecutive mornings as I laid in bed. I searched deep in my heart and soul, but nothing seemed to be the healing power.

An article by the New York Times shattered my outlook. It showed me that Americans would force change from the ashes of anarchy. America had become so disillusioned by hate. Democracy had transgressed. With violence and with miscommunication, there will never be progression and resolution. This stubborn path will only perpetuate destruction. 

America is not moved by continuous looting, burning, or law-breaking actions. America will not affect change through people grieving towns and states. According to the New York Times, “A demonstration turned destructive in Atlanta… hundreds of protesters took to the streets, smashing windows and clashing with the police… People jumped on police cars… Others threw rocks at the glass doors of the Omni Hotel…” These actions do not honor those who have been killed in the name of police brutality. These actions will not encourage the United States Government to help their “movement.” And these actions will not be on the right side of history. Americans need to wake up. We need to heed the warning calls of how political polarization is gradually defining what it means to be an American.

I remember my father lecturing me, “Always listen and try your hardest no matter what…Even if you don’t succeed, you would have learned something about yourself.” Could this be the start of mending a wound? America’s angry population will always maintain a vengeful spirit because they are simply not trying to find the solution; they desire to fight fire with fire. Perhaps they all need to stop and listen – listen to how America is hurting. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” His laconic words motivate with wisdom and guidance. It’s not about shaking the world; it’s how you do it. Let’s stop the chaos with a gentle yet powerful dialogue. That is my solution.

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