How to Vote in 2020

Addison G., journalist

It is that time again, time to vote! This election season has been one with lots of facts and information thrown at us, to the point of being overwhelmed and not knowing what, or who, to listen to. Thankfully, the New York Times created an easy-to-read resource describing the three main ways to vote. If you choose to vote in person, make sure to do it safely by maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask.This also applies to early voting in person. The article also describes how to vote by mail. It explains that you need to look at the rules and regulations for your own state, so that you know exactly how to make sure your vote is counted.

There are a myriad of resources on the internet to help you vote and understand what you are voting for, but which ones can you trust? Thankfully, many non-partisan, unbiased sites exist such as PoliFact and Rock The Vote. Both of these sites help you find polling locations, learn about local candidates, bills, and more. When doing your own research, use the same criteria to figure out if a source is trustworthy. 

Overall, voting, knowing how to vote, and where to vote is complex already; add that to a pandemic and fake news, and voting becomes even harder. Hopefully, this cleared some confusion up for you, and remember, even if you are under 18, you can still help your family and friends vote with confidence.

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