Is socialism the answer to America’s problems?

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

This is an opinion article by one of our staff writers, and the opinions expressed here do not represent the views of the newspaper in general or of the leadership team.

During many recent Democratic Presidential debates, a common and quite popular theme on the stage has been about Socialism. In brief, Socialism is a governmental state where resources, production, and exchange are divided equally amongst the community as a whole. Now there have been grand plans from Democratic Presidential Candidates to convert America, a Democratic-Republic country, into a Socialist country. In my opinion, I firmly believe that we should all stick to the American Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution. While our governmental system is not perfect, it has evidently proven to be functional and successful.

Socialism is very intriguing. It sounds like a justifiable rule, but there are pros and cons. As it provides an equal establishment to everyone, it also corrupts the free market. It limits and controls companies, hence ultimately destroying the “American Dream.” It puts a cap on the visions and options of each American adult and child. It also takes away the affluent population, whom of which assist in the enormous growth in our economy. To give an example of our free market, we have the “big fishes” (the one percent in society) dominating the “little fishes” (the start-up, small companies). It may seem unfair, but with Socialism, everyone is a little fish, and the only big fish is the government. Furthermore, in a Socialist country, America won’t understand the meaning of hard work. The term “survival of the fittest” would disintegrate into oblivion. People won’t have to work for their goals, education, or money because everyone would ultimately have an equal outcome. 

I don’t believe that Socialism is compatible with the American standard. There are other places in the world where this system may work and thrive; however, the United States flourishes on independence and free enterprise.

While there are some benefits to Socialism, there are dilemmas within it. The problems that come along will definitely hurt our American society in the long run. Free tuition to colleges and eliminating student debt may be excellent, but it also diminishes the value of education. The government should not be given that type of power to conduct and decide each individual’s dreams. Our founding fathers installed and fostered one of the best governmental systems and laws in world history. Why should we take the unwanted risks of reinventing the wheel?

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