NASA is returning to the moon and planning on staying there

Emre S., journalist

The new spacesuits were unveiled by Jim Bridenstine. The pictured people are Kristine Dans and Dustin Gohmert

With its new mission, Artemis NASA is going to bring humans back to the Moon and land the first woman on the moon.

Nasa is planning to send people to the Moon with its new Artemis program. Artemis is the goddess of the Moon and fittingly Apollo’s sister. To reach the Moon Nasa is in the process of building the new rocket called the SLS (The Space Launch System). The rocket is going to be the most powerful rocket that has ever been built. It’s going to borrow most of its design from the shuttle. On top of all of that, there is going to be the new capsule called “Orion” and this is the spacecraft that will take us to the Moon. The capsule itself looks like the Apollo capsule. Later Nasa announced its new plans to build a space station that orbits the Moon that will be a “fuel stop” for future missions to Mars and deep space. The new station is going to be called the “Deep Space Gateway” it is going to make traveling to deep space easier. And now Nasa just announced the new spacesuits that will improve the conditions on walking on the Moon. The new spacesuits are more flexible and allow the astronauts to move, pick up moon rocks and bend over. This will make it easier to build and perform experiments on the surface of the moon.


“NASA Commits To Long-Term Artemis Missions With Orion Production”. NASA, 2019,

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