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Los Angeles Takes on the Climate Crisis

Sadie W., journalist

It is no secret that the city of Los Angeles is a hot place. Whether one is struggling to find an air conditioner for sale in the summer months or is wearing shorts in the middle of winter, it is something that every LA resident has experienced. An article by Los Angeles Almanac states, “by the end of the 1990s, average temperatures in Los Angeles had risen 3 degrees Fahrenheit above those of the 1940s.” This rise in temperature, mixed with decade-long droughts, has created a real problem for the city. As a result, climate change activists and politicians have been forced to try to resolve this concern in very creative ways.

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Fires in California cause destruction

Lily McLean, journalist and social director

During the worst fires, the sky in California becomes tinted with gray. Smoke reflects the light of the sun differently, giving the world an eerily golden filter. Sometimes schools close when the air quality becomes dangerously poor. Students in the golden state have become more accustomed to smoke days than snow days.

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San Francisco’s housing crisis is a warning to the rest of the country

Lily McLean, journalist and social director

The issue of housing is often pushed to the side in discussions of the major issues facing the US today. But for the 78% of voting Californians who say that their state is facing a housing crisis, it is one of the most serious problems facing them. As the most populous state in the country, California’s crises affect huge numbers of people.

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