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“I don’t see color”

Aala S., journalist

“Oh, I don’t see color!” How many times have we heard this sentence before? Usually, when people say this, their intentions are good. What they mean to say is “I do not judge a person based on the color of their skin.” They believe that they are sending a message, which is that we are all equal. What they do not realize is these two different statements are perceived differently by others, since racial issues are very sensitive subjects for many. In order to understand why the historical context is important, and why pretending not to see color is not helpful, we must also understand why some people say this.

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The Weinstein Trial

A Timeline of Events and Key Takeaways

Jessica Mann (center), one of women who testified against Weinstein, leaving a Manhattan courtroom after Weinstein’s sentencing.

Alexa W., journalist

(GW CHRONICLE) — Harvey Weinstein.  This name–his name–could be seen on the credits of almost every major motion picture at one point in time, establishing his power and control that he had over Hollywood and the entertainment industry.  However, many failed to realize that as his name flashed across screens everywhere, it also elicited fear and anger from the many women whom he objectified, harassed, manipulated, and assaulted.  

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While a dog is only a part of your life, you are their entire world

Gryffin Penn, journalist

While a dog is only a part of your life, you are their entire world. Close to half of all American households have at least one dog in their family. Dogs are amazing, furry four-legged best friends to humans. They are loyal, highly intelligent, love unconditionally, and are extremely mindful creatures. 

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Upstate New York’s increasing Orthodox Jew population

Kyla W., journalist

South Fallsburg, Sullivan County, NY – With the winter season well underway, thousands of members belonging to the Orthodox Jewish community have already returned to their urban homes after migrating to
rural Sullivan County for the summer. Nevertheless, the amount of Hasidic civilians seeking permanent residence in the town of Fallsburg continues to increase steadfastly with each coming year, and in turn, has been a source of conflict with more secular members of the district.

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The Power of Music

Emma D., journalist

“Without music, life would be a blank to me,” Jane Austen once said. Music has been a part of our lives since our early ancestors first walked the Earth (Greenberg). In fact, some people believe that music developed even before language (Greenberg)! Our ancestors clapped their hands and banged stones and sticks together (Frontiers). From there, a whole range of different types and styles of music developed, including, but not limited to, classical, opera, musical theater, jazz, pop, and rock. While these genres all seem radically different from one another, they are united by one fact: they are all a form of music, and music has the power to affect us all throughout our lives. 

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Ten Misconceptions About Parrots

AlieJean Brewer, editor

10. Parrots are generally clean animals

Parrots may seem like they are generally clean animals as most tend to live in a fairly small cage, aside from the larger macaws and cockatoos. This small living space however doesn’t prevent them from throwing seeds or destroying toys before you can say “Polly want a cracker?”. Many parrots tend to sift through their food and discard seed shells onto the floor causing the need for quite a bit of sweeping. Toys are often shredded in order to keep their beaks from overgrowing and cracking. This is important for the bird’s health due to an overgrown beak leading to an inability to eat. While you may have thought a once a week cage cleaning is all that was needed, you might want to break out your vacuum and trash bags if you are welcoming a new feathered friend into your home.

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Letters About Literature

Brennan-Pierson W., journalist

Dear Ralph Ellison,

I have always had the belief that books are more than just interesting stories written to pass time. Books carved impressions and opened gateways to different places and times for me. Books have engulfed me in worlds of both joy and tragedy making me bubble with happiness or sigh in sorrow. Books have enabled me to escape my protected world to explore other dimensions. With each journey, my mind broadened and my feelings confided.

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