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The Trump, Venezuela Standoff

Julian-Alexandre W., journalist

This is an opinion article by one of our staff writers, and the opinions expressed here do not represent the views of the newspaper in general or of the leadership team. 

The entropy in Venezuela has reached an all-time high. Since 2013, the authoritative Nicolas Maduro, the current leader of Venezuela, has continued to plummet this country into an economic and political disaster. He has exploited his power to instill absolute and complete control over his people. His socialistic dictatorship has failed. Yet he refuses to accept the hard truth even as the people of Venezuela protest against his political reign. The United States and its sitting President, Donald Trump, has recognized this and has recently taken action to prevent Maduro’s malicious deeds and intentions. But how can the United States maneuver Maduro to accept new leadership and bring back prosperity to Venezuela?

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