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Creating a Color Palette: Tips For Aspiring Graphic Designers

Divya S., journalist

Not unlike any other accomplishment, the gratification of completing an aesthetically-pleasing graphical design follows only meticulous effort. 

Have you been asked to design a poster for an upcoming event? Or are you working to create a… calendar, only to become frustrated with every redundant color, disorienting hue, and irrelevant shade? Well, your key is to master these three bite-size techniques that make choosing a color palette successful yet not overwhelming. 

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New Year, New You! Back to School Tips from a Seasoned Scholar

Emma P., journalist

Spring, that time of year when the flowers begin to bloom, bee’s begin to buzz, and school restarts.

This spring, I’m finishing up my senior year, and over the past 16 years I’ve gathered quite a few tips and tricks to share that will make transitioning back into school a little easier for you.  

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Investment 101: Determining Your Investment Portfolio

Chloe L., journalist

An investment portfolio is a collection of your financial investments. For simplicity’s sake, I will limit it to stocks and bonds. Stocks are the more riskier option, but offer the highest possible return for your money, while bonds are a safer form of investment that usually have lower interest rates (meaning a lower return).

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A Travel Guide to Taipei, Taiwan

Diane K., journalist

Since the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism in Taiwan has stalled because of strict border restrictions. However, the Taiwanese government recently announced that it will lift its border restrictions starting Oct. 13. Because I have been traveling around Taiwan for the past few months, I’ve decided to introduce a few of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan, starting with Taipei. 

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