Linking Three Passions: GWUOHS Student CEO of Large Corporation

As the founder and CEO of a multifaceted entertainment company, GWUOHS student Felipe V. delicately balances his professional and academic careers.
As the founder and CEO of a multifaceted entertainment company, GWUOHS student Felipe V. delicately balances his professional and academic careers.
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Education: The Seed of Success

Music, entrepreneurship, and programming were three passions that defined the childhood of GWUOHS student Felipe V. 

After experiencing the wounding loss of his grandmother during a young age, Felipe found an outlet of comfort and solace in music.

“Utilizing it as a coping mechanism allowed me to navigate grief, express emotions, and find moments of comfort,” he shared.

Additionally, this newfound outlet demonstrated to Felipe the versatility and potential of music. 

“This personal experience not only deepened my appreciation for the transformative nature of music but also became a pivotal factor in the growth of my passion for the art,” he reflected. “The therapeutic role that music played during this period contributed significantly to my understanding of its profound impact on individuals.”

At the same time, Felipe’s love for computers drew him to the world of programming. Channeling this interest into action, he studied various coding languages including HTML, JavaScript, Python, and C++. He believes that both “formal education” and “hands-on experiences” are integral to the “lifelong journey” of education.

Finally, Felipe’s strong passion for business and entrepreneurship impelled him to start his own online businesses, including stores for baby products and merchandise, at a young age. 

“My interest in entrepreneurship led me to operate multiple e-commerce stores, laying the foundation for my later ventures.”

He further developed his skills at multiple reputed companies, including Google and Amazon Web Services, which, Felipe observed, “shap[ed] [his] entrepreneurial journey.”

Success: The Fruit of Education

The Phone-Up Studios, Inc. links together Felipe’s three passions of music, entrepreneurship, and programming. Founded in 2017, this entertainment conglomerate works as a record label, clothing brand, and entertainment company.  As founder and CEO of The Phone-Up Studios, Felipe continually places his foundational values of giving back to the community and being socially responsible at the forefront. 

Despite it being a large responsibility, Felipe finds directing the company to be a fulfilling experience.

“The multifaceted nature of the company allows me to express creativity across various domains. Contributing to the music and fashion industries has been particularly rewarding,” said Felipe. 

Nonetheless, Felipe has combatted his own set of obstacles during this endeavor. As a young entrepreneur, he faced both skepticism and negative comments, by which Felipe worked hard to not be dissuaded.

“Dealing with skepticism fueled my determination,” he noted.

Currently, as full-time student at GWUOHS, Felipe must balance his work activities with the school’s rigorous coursework. 

“I navigate the delicate balance between school and running The Phone-Up Studios with meticulous planning and dedication,” he said.

Identifying priorities and following an organized schedule are other strategies that Felipe employs to balance his various tasks. 

Felipe’s academic adviser at GWUOHS, Laura Nielsen, observed that his personal undertakings helped him nurture core principles that make him succeed at an online school.

“Because he is so independent, he is successful in this school setting. He is a person who approaches things creatively and is not afraid to explore different opportunities.”

Nielsen pointed out that Felipe’s knack for communication is key to his ability to manage time effectively.

“Felipe is a student that has many things going at once, but he is very good about communicating. If I reach out reminding him of deadlines, he responds immediately and gets things done,” Nielsen added.

Summing up his own personal experiences, Felipe offers advice to any budding entrepreneurs.

“Embrace both success and failure as part of your growth process. Never stop learning, and ensure you manage a balance between work and personal life. Above all, be patient and persistent, as true entrepreneurial success is a marathon, not a sprint.”


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