Month: November 2020

UPDATED: Student Council Election Results

Updated with the names of winners underlined.

For the first time, GWUOHS has begun elections for a new Student Council. Students from all high school grades are competing for various roles such as Student Body President, Class President, and Secretary.

Voting ran from Monday, November 30th to Tuesday, December 1st, ending at 8 PM EST.

Student Body President

Lily McLean, junior

Rea Heth, junior

Vice President

Brennan-Pierson Wang, sophomore

Muhammad Chawla, sophomore

Safiye Sabuncuoglu, sophomore

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Joseph R. Biden Jr. Elected President of the United States

Lily McLean, editor-in-chief

Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been elected president of the United States on the fifth day of the 2020 presidential election. After a tight battle between Biden and the incumbent, Donald J. Trump, the state of Pennsylvania was called for Biden, giving him the twenty electoral votes he needed for victory. Major networks, from Fox News to CNN, have now called the election in favor of Biden.

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Fossilized Footprints Give Clues to Human Activity During the Ice Age

Paige P., journalist

Imagine embarking on a risky journey, braving the harsh cold of the latest Ice Age on foot, with a toddler in one arm, surrounded by enormous mammoths and giant sloths. This is exactly what scientists think one young woman and a child experienced over 10,000 years ago, in what is now White Sands National Park in New Mexico. After finding this 1.5 kilometer long trail of fossilized human footprints, the longest that has ever been found from the ice age (427 total footprints to be exact,) scientists were able to analyze 90 specifically. Looking for distinct patterns, measurements, and other details, they uncovered the setting and situation that likely took place there during this time. Due to the remarkable length of the tracks, scientists were able to uncover many specific details of the young woman’s journey.  

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How and Why Racial Inaction Perpetuates Systems of Inequality

Maya T., journalist

Our whole country was founded on taking and profiting rather than giving and liberating. Did this compel American culture to become inherently selfish? Everyone seems to be constantly trying to claw their way to the top without any acknowledgement towards other people’s hardships. Generally, the majority is not willing to address the inequality from which they benefit, and will only bring light to inequality that hurts them. This has been a cycle for centuries. Colonists “freeing” themselves from Britain while murdering and enslaving Africans and Native Americans, fighting against being colonized while colonizing others, the assimilation of Irish and Italians clawing past the struggles of African Americans, the dehumanization of minority groups and immigrants, white feminism, biphobia and aphobia in the LGBTQ+ community.

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The Downfall of Fast Fashion and the Rise of Sustainability

Kathryn L., journalist

Approximately 15.1 million tons of waste was created from textiles in 2013, but the numbers have continued to grow.  The textile industry produces a large mass of waste every year.  The fashion industry has created and perpetuates wasteful practices such as using low-quality materials, poor environmental practices, and unethical production.  This has become known as fast fashion.  Switching to sustainable fashion can help our environment, the working conditions of the producers, and our future.

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Political Polarization Should Not Define the American Identity

Julian-Alexandre W., Opinion Department Editor

“People are furious and frustrated, what will fix them, and what is the solution?” This was my query for three consecutive mornings as I laid in bed. I searched deep in my heart and soul, but nothing seemed to be the healing power.

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How Palforzia Can Change Lives

Katelan A., journalist

On January 31, 2020 the U.S. Food and Drug Association or FDA approved a new drug called Palforzia. Palforzia is a type of oral immunotherapy using peanut powder that lowers the risk of anaphylaxis in people with peanut allergies. Linda Herbert of Children’s National Health System states, “The stress and anxiety as a result of food allergies is comparable to that of other chronic illnesses.” With the FDA’s approval of Palforzia, some families’ stress and anxiety may be put at ease.

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The Rise of Far-Right, Nationalistic Parties in Europe

Dylan N., journalist

Throughout Europe, far-right parties have been growing in popularity over the last few years in several European countries with a couple winning big elections. From Italy to Sweden, nationalist and far-right parties have been slowly growing and gaining seats in elections. This has happened fairly quickly since in 2015 over a million refugees from the Middle East and North Africa fled from instability and civil wars to seek refuge in Europe.  However, the refugees soon overcrowded camps in Greece and Italy and had nowhere to go.  Most EU countries started to accept refugees, with Germany and France taking the most. Soon after, there were various attacks made by migrants like the 2015 bombing in Paris. Far-right and nationalistic parties took advantage of the crisis and drummed up immigration fears which led to an increase in their popularity. 

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Not Just a Bee Movie

Ava P., journalist

When I was younger, I remember watching the Bee Movie and thinking how much fun it would be to be a bee. Flying, collecting pollen, having a close community, and living in a cool hive all seemed so fun. Of course, there were also the issues of getting lost easily, getting killed by humans and other animals, my hive being destroyed, trapped by humans, sprayed by pesticides… But at the time I was willing to overlook these things. However, the reality of a bee’s life does not seem as fun as it was advertised in the movie. 

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