Month: October 2019

Odontogenesis: Developmental Process of Human Teeth

Alexandra Hoethke., editor

Odontogenesis is the developmental process of teeth. Teeth undergo a specific developmental process that enables them to develop within the human gums fully. Within the general operation of odontogenesis are distinct developmental stages. The stages in which the teeth develop are initiation, bud, cap, bell, apposition, maturation, root formation, and eruption. (John Giunta, 1:33-3:49) Teeth development begins in the fetus stage of human development. During this stage, the tissue in the gums forms around the teeth. After this process, the teeth start to perpetuate through the gums. This stage occurs after birth. Consequently, the development of human teeth further advances as the human body grows and develops. (John Giunta, 0:04-0:32)

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San Francisco’s housing crisis is a warning to the rest of the country

Lily McLean, journalist and social director

The issue of housing is often pushed to the side in discussions of the major issues facing the US today. But for the 78% of voting Californians who say that their state is facing a housing crisis, it is one of the most serious problems facing them. As the most populous state in the country, California’s crises affect huge numbers of people.

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Revolutionary wearable technology

Gryffin T., journalist

The Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago is home to over 100+ technological advances. Showcased in the current Wired to Wear exhibit, you will find revolutionary devices such as the SpiderSense Vest, SignAloud Gloves, and the Iridescence dress. These inventions assist people to communicate and navigate their surroundings. The SpiderSense Vest is revolutionary for people impaired by partial to full blindness. It gives them a chance to “see” again.

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Everything we know regarding Trump’s potential impeachment

Kyla W., journalist

As a generation that is keen on keeping up with news media, you have likely heard the reports regarding President Donald Trump’s formal impeachment inquiry by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The inquiry itself was made after a whistleblower accusation against Donald Trump surfaced and set in motion the following events. In relation to the upcoming 2020 United States presidential election, President Trump was found suspect to interfering with his political rival, Joe Biden’s campaign. Considering Trump’s ongoing relationship with the Ukranian government, here is everything we know regarding his potential impeachment.

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